Hello Guys and Dolls!

Welcome to my little world of my imperfections where I address many insights of my struggles and find a way to cope with it. My imperfections are what makes me unique and different from the next individuals, yet I lose sight and have struggled to appreciate and embrace my flaws.

As I was struggling one day, I decided to write my thoughts and feelings down. All the emotions that I could not contain inside any longer!  I needed a form of a release.  This pressure that was building inside of me was ready to explode! I knew it would not have been pretty at all if it kept building up, so I began to write a story. This story which came out in a form of a 3rd party which allowed me to address it honestly as I was just a narrator. It helped me to be realistic and relive the past I held so dear to my heart! I was confronted by all the insecurities and my inner demons that I struggled to overcome.  For that came the birth of this website. MY IMPERFECTIONS!  

Society make us to believe that we are NOT good enough and that we are NOT normal if we have any type of illness. It can come in a form of physical, mental, or emotional. There is a negative stigma attached to what we can not understand and grasp. This concept might be too much for an individual to understand, but with proper education we can help put a stop to it.  The fear is what drives people to have misconceptions of this world that we live in today. It is filled with hatred and IGNORANCE

This site was created to educate and support the struggles as a human being where we are NOT supposed to be perfect. The only PERFECTION is the good Lord above watching over us. He is our shepherd and we are his sheep. We might lose sight and wonder off in search for something that our hearts desire but I can attest my heart’s desire is not monetary as it once was. That His love, grace, and mercy is the true happiness where my imperfections no longer exist in His presence.

With Him, I am no longer imperfect!

With him I am PERFECT!




 About Me

I am Miae L. Kim. My family and friends call me Lisa, Mia, Maya, or Kim. I answered to them all.  South Korea is where I was born, but where I call home is Texas. I am a LOVER, a FIGHTER, and a SURVIVOR. I am a lover of all things beautiful and especially my friends and family. I struggle to fight my inner demons such as my disorders that consists of  OCD, ANXIETY, ADHD/ ADD, and DEPRESSION.  I am a survivor of cervical cancer which I was diagnosed at the age of 17. My life consists of drama and humor. There is never a dull moment if you get to know me!

My home is where my heart is! I live here with my amazing husband and our 3 beautiful children. My husband of 13 years and still counting is my rock! He is the person that keeps me grounded and has to put up with my struggles that I face daily. God has given him much patience and understanding to deal with it for this long! I know it’s not easy! LOL! He is a saint!

We go like: 

Peas and Carrots

Kimchi and Pho

Oil and Water

Creativity and Technicality

       It might not makes sense but together we make it work! 

Come and join me as we put a STOP to IGNORANCE one post at a time! Together we can stop this epidemic of hatred and live the life that God has intended us to carry out. Let our hearts be filled with LOVE, COMPASSION, and FORGIVENESS and spread the knowledge to those who needs it.