There is no doubt that America is a great country where freedom and democracy live abundantly than many other countries. We are definitely very fortunate and I am very blessed that I can call this place my home! I am an immigrant who possess the rights now as an American to vote like my children will be able to. The Great and Almighty Lady Liberty is stuck with me now, permanently!  Now, she does not possess the right to deport my happy ass (since 2008) back to Korea!

I do not want to live anywhere else other than the good ‘ol U.S. of A!

This is the day that I was sworn in as an American citizen.

This is the day that I was sworn in as an American citizen.


However, I am not too proud of where this country is heading towards with the perceptions of race, religion, and other “sensitive” topics that we possess. It appears now that we have to filter our words so it can be used “politically” correct in terms of touchy subjects. We are now required to treat matters lightly when addressing uncomfortable subjects in fear of offending one and others.

Grow some FUCKING balls, America, and smell the damn coffee!!!!


When did we as an American allow this to happen?

Why did we take a step back?

When did we start to remove our history based on an opinion of a group of people due to their negative association that they allowed themselves to possess without any PERSONAL merit?

Should we remove a word that is part of an English language such as the word CHINK due to the word being misused as a racial slur in this country? I am not offended by the word. We ALL possess a chink or two! If you are that oblivious, then take a mirror to the restroom, and find out for yourself.

It is a small opening also known as a chink!

When did we start to get so sensitive that even a teacher can not discipline a student properly without being investigated further. You know well as parents. If your child is disrespectful at home, then they will certainly cause some type of drama with other people!

YOU know that is the TRUTH!

Respect goes both ways, sweetheart! You can not disrupt the class and do what you feel like doing without any type of repercussion! Also,why would one contact the media and only address the outcome of the incidence versus the WHOLE entirety of the  story as to why and how it happened!?!

That is partly the journalists fault for not providing all the proper research before airing it on the news. However, it is also partially the fault of the people who chose to believe the un-researched coverage without the proper statements from both parties that were involved!  When did our society get so FUCKING ignorant!?!?  Seriously?!?!



What happened to the world that we once used to live in, the world where we were properly punished for our action as a disobedient child, and the world where spankings were not mistaken for child abuse?! I grew up in a world where I was properly disciplined (spanked) by my teacher back in South Korea for walking on the ledge of the top of the building when I was grade school. I also got a second punishment when I got home from school! Those were the days where the word “massacre” only existed in horror films. That so-called “child abuse” prevented me from shooting at people.

Okay… that is a little bit exaggerated, but the bottom line is we ALL need discipline!

I am sadden that our society (which is highly developed in many areas) is still lacking what truly matters the most!

Compassion and Love!  

These are the types of qualities that makes us a human being. The type of qualities that makes us a child of God. He has intended us to infect, and spread those qualities amongst others, fulfill his work here on Earth, and to share it with the people who needs it the most! Our country has lost sight of that if we put the value of animals before mankind!

I am sorry, Charlie, but not all dogs go to heaven!


Actually, no dogs go to heaven!  Heaven is a place intended for creatures with a soul which animals do not possess.  Do not get me wrong, I am not for animal abuse either! I even lived a vegan lifestyle for about 6 long weeks during lent season.  It was one of the hardest thing that I have endured in my lifetime! Trust me, their sacrifices are highly noted in my book!  I am only merely pointing out our little flaws in our system in this country.

Fear and discipline is what causes us do the right thing and put us on the right path. If there was not any consequences for any of our actions, then who would be accountable for all this chaos? We would all be living in a world of MAYHEM!

Regardless what type of religion that you may practice or possess, the foundation of ALL beliefs are based on a same platform!

That is love and compassion that I have addressed earlier that we so desperately lack.

Even in my darkest hour where depression has casted this dark gloomy cloud over my reality, the fear of going to hell had prevented me to commit the un-thinkable!

Well, not the ONLY reason, but you get the point!

If suicide was not a sin that holds any negative bearings, then most of us would probably have already blown our brains out! You know, I would have been the main feast such as a turkey on a Thanksgiving dinner for the little creatures.


That fear and consequence of spending eternity in hell has prevented me from committing a selfish, and un-Godly act. The fear of those consequences and discipline is part of the reason that prevents us from doing in-humane things to ourselves and/or to others.

Our need to be “politically correct” has corrupted this land.

When did our society make the perp a victim?

Why is it NOT okay for our men in blue to do their job? We live in a world where the police officers are limited to what they can and what they are not willing to do in fear of being accused of foul play! We need our government officials to keep order of things. I agree that there may be some crooked officials out there. However, we should not isolate everyone in one category!

Why do we continue to segregate ourselves and accuse other as being a racist?

Why do we point fingers?

It infuriates me when I read or hear about a certain group of people saying, “How can they (policemen) do that to OUR men?” or similar comments along that line.

Ummmm… Hello?!??!

How can they be YOUR men when YOU personal do not possess any type of relationship of any sort with that individual?

That comment right there is a great example of a racist and . . .


Furthermore, why are we so opposed to those seeking refuge in our country?

Is it because of their religion?

Why is it that the Muslims are being associated with any type of terrorist groups such as ISIS?

Why does it always have to be THAT particular religion?

Do we not see any other religions besides the Muslims committing a heinous crime?

Lets look at the past current events that took place in our country.

Timothy McVeigh: 

         bombed the Oklahoma city and was raised in a Christian environment.

Lee Boyd Malvo:

is one of the Beltway snipers who was brought up with a Christian values.

James Holmes:

shot and killed 12 people, and wounded 70 in Aura, Colorado was raised in a Christian home. He now proclaims his religion to be a Muslim shortly after his sentencing.

Religion don’t kill people!

Guns don’t kill people!

People KILL People! ! !

Why are we not fearful of Christians if we live and judge those around us based on their faith and beliefs of their actions?

Let’s stop living in this hypocrisy that we have created amongst this land and stop acting like the ignorant  SONS OF BITCHES! 

My parents had a grocery store in the not-so-nice part of Dallas area, where we conducted business for about 7 years. We had a check cashing business within our store where cash was frequently exchanged. That attracted  some not-so-nice people to our store. The negative and unwelcome type of attention was sought out and was definitely delivered on many occasions.

During the duration of our ownership, the store was robbed several times. More times than I can count! I was personally robbed at a gun point exactly twice, and I wasn’t even there too often! The store even made it onto the 5 o’clock news due to a shoot out inside the store.

We were always attacked by the same  group of people. However, my family and I never generalized the entirety of THAT particular race! That would be a stupid and ignorant thing to do! Their race did not cause us harm. It was caused by the unfortunate individuals who believed their only way to survive was to commit those crimes against us.

Why penalize the innocent?

I come from a diversed background which consists of different race and religion! I do not see color and I do not see the difference in their beliefs.

We are ALL the same!

 I see a soul with the same beating heart.

 I see a soul that is of a God’s creation.



We are all His work of art and I see such beauty in every one of us!

Why can’t we put our heritage, religion, sexuality, affiliations, beliefs, and opinions aside?

Lets put a stop to this negative stigma that our society holds onto, and educate ourselves and others!

We are ONE!

We are. . .