We all have done something to enhance and improve our appearance such as coloring our hair. It is part of our natural instincts to better ourselves. It is that perfection that we so desire to achieve whether we like to admit it or not! I am guilty of that vanity.  One of my self indulgence is bleaching my hair to that perfect ash/grey blonde. It makes me feel sexy and empowering! I know it is silly that a simple hair color can give you so much confidence and change our demeanor, but it does. You know exactly what I am talking about so don’t try to deny it. Trying to achieve that look I so desire is a costly thing; especially with only one income.

My family and I don’t have that extra income to splurge and especially on something redundant like hair. Seriously, but I NEED it! My husband would argue otherwise. My roots grow out like weeds and it doesn’t look too pretty! I had to figure out a way to manage a cost-effective way to keep my blonde hair without breaking the bank. I refuse to be that dumb fooking blonde and waste that hard earn money on my hair. I will show you how to keep your blonde lasting much longer and affordable!

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The next time  you are getting a touch up, ask your colorist to use the balayage technique. I love watching Guy Tang demonstrates on his YouTube video. He is one BAD mofo! He has so much talent and I learn so much about by watching his videos. He’s also very entertaining!  Elle Bangs also demonstrates the balayage techniques for low lights. I learn soooooooo much by watching her videos as well! I just LOVE her! This technique is also known as baby lights. Balayage is where you free hand style to create highlights or lowlights. It is more precise and looks more natural than the traditional foil high lights in my opinion.  The end results looks like the images below.

This look is very natural like a sun-kissed effect. It creates more dimension and depth to your hair than the traditional foil technique.  You can also allow your hair to grow out without looking like the images below! Yikes!

Also, invest in any type of a purple shampoo. This will  keep your blonde looking fresh and not too dull! This step will help prevent from your hair turning brassy. Orange hair (brass) is a blondes worst enemy! Who wants orange hair?!?!


This is me with a hideous orange hair and an extra 20 lb of weight. It is not my  proudest moment, however, I am sharing and exposing my truth of shame!  I too have been a victim of the pumpkin head syndrome. 

There are plenty of purple shampoos out there.  I have not tried any other brands besides Generic  from Sally’s. It has the same ingredients as Shimmer Lights, but a fraction of the price! I am all about  saving some moolah!

I apply the purple shampoo to my hair dry and leave it about 15-20 minute depending on the tone that I am currently trying to achieve. If you don’t like the shade of the end results do not freak out! You can wash your hair with clarifying shampoo and it will remove the tint.

Furthermore, I only wash my hair 1 – 2 times a week. I know that sounds a little gross especially if you workout and sweat like I do. Who would want that stank perfuming through your head?!?! Not me!  I use lavender baby powder. This soaks up any oils and leaves my hair smelling very nice and refresh!

The reason why you don’t want to wash frequently is that the toner on your hair will fade. I’ll use any type of preventives to keep my color ash blonde as long as possible.

Unfortunately, even though I try my best to keep it from fading, it will still eventually fade and turn.  “All good things must come to an end”, as Geoffrey Chaucer said.

So, my solution?  I use a temporary rinse to keep it looking ashy/grey like Roux fanci-full rinse. The color stays on until your next hair wash.  You apply it on toweled dried hair and blow dry as you normally would. This product will last until your next hair wash. This product will last  you for a while as long you wash your hair once a week or so.  This product is worth the investment to keep that amazing color!

Lastly, I tone my hair once a month. I love the ash tone so I use wella color charm 050. It is an additive that you can combine with wella T-18 and leaves you with this amazing ash blonde. It is to die for!!!!  You can also use the Wella color charm 050 alone as a toner to give a silverish grey tone. Your results may vary depending on the shade of your blonde that you currently have. If your blonde is too warm then I would suggest just using the Wella T-18 toner alone to achieve that ash blonde.  Then, you can use the Wella charm 050 the following week if you so desire.

You will want to only use 10 volume developer. You are just depositing color and do not need the extra lift to lighten it. Only apply the toner while your hair is damp.

These are my HOW TO guide for that long lasting blonde!

Sorry for the huge selfie pictures! I could not down size the image. ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

These are the steps that I take to achieve my blonde to last longer.  Blondes are such a high maintenance, but I would not want it any other way! I am guilty of vanity which is one of the deadly sins but I can live with that! LOL!

♥ I am not a licensed  hairstylist nor do I claim to be. These are my how to guide on how I achieve my look. Do not become salty if can not achieve your perfect hair color. I am not a professional so please try this at your own risk!!!!! ♥